Innovative Application of Air Conditioning Energy Saving

the boiler have exhaust temperature. The remaining two traditional boilers have 92% and 170% of cigarette gas respectively. According to statistics, the total consumption of building boilers in 2016 was 189571 m3 / h. If the boiler is equipped with gas recovery device, the gas consumption is 295 Nm3 / h.

Power plant and calculations: Boiler

On every 6-8 deg C decrease in Economiser inlet feed water temperature causes the rise in Boiler fuel consumption by 1%. 2. Increased Boiler outlet flue gas temperature: On every 22 deg C increase in flue gas temperature causes the reduction in Boiler efficiency by 1% & hence boiler fuel consumption increases for generating same steam. 3.

Boiler Feed Pump Control Using Variable Frequency Drive

electric motors only have one speed, if one need variable speed need to use different motor for various application and process as required. 2. BOILER FEED PUMP (BFP) A boiler feed water pump is a specific type of pump used to pump feed water into a steam boiler. Boiler feed pump is used to feed water to steam generator boiler drum at desired