What temperature should a condensing boiler be set at

What is the correct temp setting for a hot water boiler

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Jan 05, 2018 · The lower the return temperature, the more efficient a condensing boiler will be, and it carries on getting more efficient as the return temperature drops, although the efficiency gain with reducing return temperature falls off a bit as the return drops below about 40 deg C, as by then the boiler will be near enough condensing, and so

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When heat is added to water, its temperature rises at a rate of 0.56°C (1°F) for each heat input of 2.095 kJ/kg (1 Btu/lb) If we take water at 0°C (32°F) and we add 419 kJ/kg (180 Btu/lb) then we will increase the temperature of the water by 100°C (180°F) This rise in temperature can be …

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Nov 15, 2019 · Hi, DA. Sorry about the delay in replying. Looking through old paperwork I actually found a brief users guide. The boiler is a Greenstar 30CDi. On Page 16 under Tips On Energy Saving it says 'The Central Heating Control on the boiler should be set to the maximum rated temperature of the central heating system'. And on Page 14 under Setting The Boiler Temperature it says 'Turn the heating

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Jan 22, 2019 · This is the temperature at which water droplets form. For natural gas boilers, the dew point is around 55C. In other words, the water in the return pipe needs to be 55C …

What is the correct temp setting for a hot water boiler

What temperature should a condensing boiler be set at

What's the best temperature for a condensing boiler to be

What's the best temperature for a condensing boiler to be

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Low boiler return water temperature depends on the overall boiler system design, not just the boiler. Here is a numerical example of the benefits of a condensing boiler system. A facility using 10,000 therms per year for space heating is estimated to save around 1,489 therms/year and $819/year at $0.55/therm.

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Feb 04, 2019 · i have a bypass line in between the hot water leaving the boiler, and the return side, with a valve in between. basically you "leak" some hot water back into the return side to keep the boiler temp up. most boilers dont like really cool water coming back into the boiler.there is probably some magic ideal temp for return water, that i dont know.

Best temperature setting for combi boiler

Dec 23, 2020 · The installers of my recently fitted combi have set the domestic hot water temperature to 52C and the CH temperature to 72C. The water temp is a bit lower than our old boiler but fine by us - probably a more appropriate temp. As for CH temperature - I think it's best to think more about the setting on your room thermostat.

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Oct 19, 2021 · (Simple diagram of how a condensing boiler works) As the return heating water cools down the flue gases and picks up the latent heat, its temperature rises. The water then flows through the main heat exchanger and requires less energy to achieve the design hot water supply temperature. This ensures condensing boiler efficiencies as high as 98%.

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Heating boiler gauges: this article describes the combination pressure & temperature gauge found on most hydronic (hot water) heating systems. The boiler gauge gives helpful temperature or pressure readings that tell us if the boiler is operating normally. The same pressure and temperature readings at a boiler can help diagnose problems such as TP valve leaks, cold radiators, and even boiler

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Nov 03, 2017 · 3 November 2017 at 4:36PM. Some combi boilers have a temperature knob for the hot water, and some don't. But even if they do, there are limits to how hot the water will get. The boiler is having to act as an instant water heater, heating up the water from whatever the cold water mains temperature is. In the summer, that's not a problem.

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Feb 08, 2019 · For condensing boilers, you need a return water temperature of 80°F or lower in order to achieve 97% efficiency. (Look at the efficiency curves from any common condensing boiler manufacturer to see this.) Put another way, you start gaining efficiency only when your return water temperature is approximately 135°F or lower.

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Sep 18, 2020 · The American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section IV, Rules for the Construction of Heating Boilers, define the requirements for hot water and steam heating boilers versus the requirement for power boilers, which are used mainly for power generation and other industrial uses.Heating boilers generate steam less than 15 pounds per square …

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Secondly, this hot boiler water is used to heat the hot water cylinder. Here it gets more complex. There is usually a thermostat attached to the side of the hot water cylinder. This would normally be set to about 50 degrees C and is designed to turn the boiler OFF when the cylinder reaches this temperature, in …

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Jan 08, 2020 · Some models of combi boiler have two different temperature dials one for water and one for central heating. Make sure you are using the right one when you want to change the temperature. If you have altered the temperature on the dials, but things still seem far too hot turn the boiler off and give things time to cool down.

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Rotate the thermostat control. If you have a gas hot water heater, first locate the temperature control. On many gas water heaters, the temperature control is located near the bottom of the tank. On some, it can be found behind a metal plate. Rotate the thermostat control slightly before testing the tap water temperature.

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Jan 07, 2012 · The boiler is old - I found documentation that it may have been installed in 1950 or 1952 (the writing is faded), and is a U.S.-11 Series Capitol Gas Boiler by the United States Radiator Corporation. Anyway, woke up today and the upstairs of our small Dutch Colonial home is cold (1 and 1/2 story).

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What are Industrial Hot Water Boilers Best Suited to? Industrial Hot Water Boilers are generally selected when the required process temperature is relatively low – typically less than 90°C. When higher temperatures are needed then alternative forms of heating such as high-pressure hot water, steam or efficient Thermal Fluid systems are used.