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Advantages of PC vs. stoker boilers: • much quicker response to changing loads • lower excess air/higher efficiency • easily adaptable to automatic control • can burn wide variety of coals Disadvantages of PC vs. stoker boilers: • more expensive (at least for smaller capacities)

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The main difference between a commercial boiler and a domestic is the output rating. Domestic output rating is generally between 24-35Kw. The output of a commercial boiler is generally much higher - between 250kW to 1,500kW. Other factors include bigger gas meters and larger pipework which a domestic engineer wouldn't be qualified to work on.

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Oct 19, 2020 · Advantages of electric heating. a large variety of products are available. From storage heaters to air-source heat pumps to small electric heaters; no carbon dioxide output; low maintenance costs, unlike boilers; modern electric systems have smart heating controls.