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Jan 01, 2005 · The steam pressure rating for a prime mover in 1890 was typically set at 80 psi, compared to 30 psi in 1850. In ASME's first decade, more than 2,000 boilers exploded. When a fire-tube boiler in a Brockton, Mass., shoe factory exploded on March 10, 1905—killing 58 people and causing property damage in excess of $250,000—a public outcry ensued.


or pressure vessel required by the Act to be inspected. (27) Jacketed steam kettle - A jacketed steam kettle is a pressure vessel with inner and outer walls that is subject to steam pressure and stress, is used to boil or heat liquids or to cook food, and falls under the scope of Appendix 9 (Jacketed Vessels…

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The water then flashes to steam which expands 1600 times its volume as water and causes the explosion because there is not enough room for the steam to expand. 3. Combustion explosions . These can be a result of gases which build up and an ignition source ignites the gases. This can happen inside the boiler or outside.

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Dec 01, 2010 · The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (B&PVC) was conceived in 1911 out of a need to protect the safety of the public. This need became apparent shortly after the conception of the steam engine in the late 18th century. The latest version of this code will be published by ASME in 2011.

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A safety valve is set to allow escape of steam at pressures above normal operating pressure; this device is necessary on all boilers, because continued addition of heat to water in a closed vessel without means of steam escape results in a rise in pressure and, ultimately, in explosion of the boiler.


A closed pressure vessel known as Steam generator or Boiler is used to generate steam at desired pressure and temperature by transferring heat to water contained the products of combustion/hot flue gases flows inside and the water flow outside of the boiler tubes. Chances of explosion Less More. 5. Risk of damage due to explosion

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The ASME Boiler Code Committee issues "Standards for Specifications and Construction of Boilers and Other Containing Vessels in Which High Pressure is Contained" -1887 Robert Henry Thurston's book Steam Boiler Explosions in Theory, and in Practice is published

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