Parametric Identification of the Reheater of a Power-Plant

Feb 19, 2015 · Existing methods of controlling the temperature of superheated steam in a power-plant boiler are analyzed. Judging from the quality indices that are obtained, the optimum control method for this purpose was determined to be the injection of natural condensate. It is shown that the temperature regime of the reheater of the boiler depends on the organization of the injection operation. A

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(22)(24) Hot Water Heating Boiler — A boiler in which no steam is generated, from which hot water is circulated for heating purposes and then returned to the boiler, and which operates at a pressure not exceeding 160 psig and/or a temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit at or near the boiler outlet.

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Dec 01, 2000 · This paper describes the application of the MUSMAR predictive adaptive controller to the regulation of super heated steam temperature in a commercial boiler. The boiler considered produces 150 t / h of steam at maximum load, used both for electric energy production in a turbine and industrial use. The combination of predictive and adaptive techniques, relying on multiple models redundantly …

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Safe management of industrial steam and hot water boilers. boilers now operate at the pressure of the incoming cold water mains, this is still far below the normal operating pressure of steam-raising boilers. This leaflet applies to steam and high temperature hot water boiler plant (operating above 0.5 bar pressure and a. Learn More

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Automatically Controlled Boiler: A boiler equipped with devices to maintain the burner firing conditions, the pressure and/or temperature, and the water level or water content within the predetermined limits without manual manipulation. Boiler: A fired or unfired pressure vessel used to generate steam pressure by the application of heat.

Steam temperature regulation characteristics in a flexible

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May 13, 2016 · In the operation of coal fired steam boiler,the temperature fluctuations can cause a range of hazards,the high temperatures will cause superheater tube wall temperature rise,the low temperature will affect the the gas consumption increase of gas users,even damage the equipment,so we need to adjust the temperature of coal fired steam boiler.In this text,two adjustment ways will be introduced

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Steam temperature regulation characteristics in a flexible

The average regulation ranges of secondary reheat steam temperatures were ±32.7 °C and ±8.1 °C for the maximum ranges of dampers and gas recirculation, respectively. This study provided further insights into the steam temperature regulation characteristics of double reheat boilers.

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(s) "high pressure boiler" means a boiler designed for a steam pressure exceeding 15 pounds to the square inch in accordance with the A.S.M.E. Code for Power boilers and these regulations (see also "miniature boilers"); (t) "hot water tank" means a pressure vessel used to contain hot water at a

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1) Boilers for steam locomotive, marine boilers 2) Steam boiler with maximum operation pressure 0.1 MPa and more, and the inside diameter of body is not more than 200mm and length is not more than 400mm, or the heat transfer area is not more than 0.5m

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Reductions in steam pressure or hot water temperature lead to an increase in firing rate. The advantages of introducing burner modulation in combustion control include: Fuel and air requirements are continuously matched to the combustion demand; Steam pressure or hot water temperature is maintained within closer tolerances; Greater boiler

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Aug 15, 2021 · The average regulation ranges of secondary reheat steam temperatures were ±32.7 °C and ±8.1 °C for the maximum ranges of dampers and gas recirculation, respectively. This study provided further insights into the steam temperature regulation characteristics of …

Safe management of industrial steam and hot water boilers

May 13, 2016 · When the temperature changes in load regulation,it is mainly controlled by adjusting the combustion: A,when the external load is constant,the pressure is quite stable,and the temperature is lower,we can adopt increasing the air input,adjusting the secondary air and other measures to increase the flue gas flow,improve the furnace outlet flue gas temperature,to improve the steam temperature.

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Oct 15, 2019 · The steam boiler is controlled to provide superheated steam at a temperature of 487 °C and a pressure of 73 bars; therefore, the control systems in the plant include two loops of regulation, one for the superheated steam temperature and the other for the water level.

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Definitions and interpretation for this regulation. 2 (1) In this regulation: "Act" means the Safety Standards Act; "antique show boiler" means a boiler forming part of a traction engine, threshing machine, steam locomotive, steam crane, donkey boiler plant or other plant of historical interest; "assistant chief engineer" means a power engineer who (a) is employed in a plant to assist the

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– High-pressure boilers are boilers operating at a steam or other vapor pressure in excess of 15 psig, or a water or other liquid boiler in which the pressure exceeds 160 psig, or has a temperature …


R. "High pressure steam boiler" means a boiler in which steam or other vapor is generated at pressures exceeding 15 psi. (See power steam boiler). S. "High temperature water boiler" means a boiler used for heating water or liquid to a pressure exceeding 160 psi or to a temperature exceeding 250 degrees F. T. Hot-water heating boiler.