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Typically, three chemicals are added to boiler water. A scale inhibitor is used to precipitate any calcium and magnesium salts that have escaped the treatment system. A corrosion inhibitor, usually an oxygen scavenger, is used to prevent corrosion of the boiler surfaces.

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More Plumbing Help Adding Inhibitor To Combi Boiler. Click for non Combi Unpressurised system. Draining system to add Inhibitor. There are a few ways you can add an inhibitor to a Pressurised System (Combi boiler) one is to drain the system and use a normal inhibitor, this can sometimes be poured in by removing a plug on the top of a towel radiator (see picture above) or by injecting it into

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A power flush is a mix of chemicals and water that is put through your heating system at high pressure. A pump will be connected to your central heating system and will push the chemicals through the pipes, boiler and radiators. As the solution moves through the …